Risk Management

Your money is too important to simply assume that recovery from losses is inevitable.

If you are in retirement, and especially if you are taking distributions from your investments, significant losses can have devastating lifestyle implications. Every distribution taken from portfolios after suffering significant losses lengthens the time necessary for the portfolio to reach its previous value. We believe that managing downside risk first, is how to best position investors for forward-looking success.

Traditional buy and hold asset allocation strategies, such as the common 60% stocks and 40% bonds portfolio, were originally built for large institutions that have infinite time horizons like pension plans and endowments. However, individual investors don’t have infinite time horizons. In fact, dramatic or large drawdowns in investments can have far reaching consequences.

While institutions can continue to hold their positions during market downturns and may be able to contribute more capital, individual investors, especially retirees, may be reliant on withdrawals of capital to support their lifestyle. For many individuals, a loss outside of their risk tolerance may mean an impactful change to their lifestyle and financial plan.




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