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First Quarter GDP Looks Strong

First Quarter GDP Looks Strong according to the recent Atlanta FED analysis..
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Markets and Politics

Do Politics Matter to the Markets?  Historically, according to this chart from Hirsch Holdings, Poitical Party control can have some effect on the Markets. What will the Biden ERA bring? ..
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Seasonal Pattern Continues

The S&P 500 November 2020 strength continues it's past 70 year pattern according to Stock Traders Almanac. Will this continue into December? it may be difficult to surpass November but don't forget the Santa Claus Rally..
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Does It Really Matter Who Wins the Election?

Based on the History of Elected Presidents and the S&P 500, there does not appear to be any significant differnce between Presidents.   Source: Fritz Meyer; Yardeni ..
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Is Lumber telling us something?

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Are you FAAMG Out?

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Seasonal Patterns back?

Source: Stock Traders Almanac..
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Why using the S&P 500 as benchmark may not be in your best interest.

2020 is definitely becoming a year we won’t forget. Even the S&P 500 is anomaly with the greatest divide in performers in over 20 years. Portfolios that are allocated to a value sector have greatly underperformed their growth counterparts. 60% of the stocks in the S&P 500 have a negative return for 2020. If your benchmark is the S&P 500 you may be in for some disappointment if other sectors begin to rotate and growth stocks fall out of favor. S..
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