Fee Audits

What are you really getting for the fees you’re paying? And what are you missing?

Maybe you’re wondering...

  • Am I paying too much in fees?
  • What’s my actual return?
  • Where exactly are my investments?
  • How can I improve my portfolio?
  • Do my returns measure up to similar investors?

Most investors are paying high and hidden fees while their advisors set it and forget it. Every 1% in fees has the potential to reduce an investor's end-return by approximately 17% over a 20-year period. Advisors profit off these high fees instead of working hard to achieve great returns. This is one of the biggest but preventable pitfalls when it comes to investing--finding an advisor who wants to invest in your goals, not just your money.

At CUBIC, we are active advisors who put our clients first instead of our fees. We’re committed to helping you get back what you lose in typical fees by evaluating your current investments and consulting on custom solutions to mitigate your losses.

Contact us for a financial audit and learn what fees you’re really paying for your current investments. Together, we can maximize your investments and minimize your fees.



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