Our Approach

No one can control what the market does. At CUBIC, we help investors focus on what they can control.


The New Philosophy:

Conventional investment wisdom advises investors stay in the market to reap returns in 30 or even 40 years, but midlife is when most people invest the bulk of their savings, and they no longer have time to waste waiting decades for the market to recover. This wisdom is a passive model that discourages midlife investors and causes many to react by making risky money moves, hoping to stay ahead of the ever-shifting market.

Our goal is to help you reap investment benefits in a shorter period of time by minimizing large declines, taxes, and fees. We take an active, customized approach to finding the best strategy and selections for your specific timeline, needs, and comfort level.

By controlling fees, taxes, and risk, our clients can build greater wealth and achieve their financial objectives with more success and peace of mind.

Contact Us

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